April 2010 - Presentation at the Conference on Computerized Family History and Genealogy by Russell Anderson
(rebranded as RootsTech in 2011.)

After reviewing most available Mac Genealogy Products, Russell Anderson ranked iFamily second overall, second only to a much more established (unnamed and much pricier) competitor.

(Link to document 10MB pdf)

September 2008 - Genealogy Programs for the Macintosh by Dick Eastman

iFamily for Leopard is an excellent genealogy program developed by Keith Wilson in Australia. As Keith wrote on the program's web site, the program "is a family tree program with a difference because Apple users think differently". Unlike most other Macintosh genealogy programs, iFamily for Leopard focuses on individuals, not couples. It also displays the entire extended family of that individual, including all spouses as well as all children, step-children, and adopted children, all displayed on the same screen.

iFamily for Leopard is a graphics-oriented program, unlike the data-entry mode of operation of many other programs. It sells for a very modest $29.95 US. You can read my review of the program at iFamily for Tiger: a Macintosh Genealogy Program (it was called "iFamily for Tiger" at that time). Next, look at the program's web site at

October 2007 - Software Options for Mac Users Improve by Nancianne Parkes Suber, Special to The Clarion-Ledger

One of my favorites is iFamily for Tiger.

September 2007 - Transylvanian Dutch (Polish, Russian, and Lithuanian too) Genealogy and Family History Research by John Newmark, St. Louis, MO

I like iFamily. The website says that it is designed for screens at least 17 inches. However, I have a laptop with a 14 inch screen, and it looks fine.

I like that I can see several generations on my screen at once, and to move to a new person, I just need to double click on their name. You'll notice if you enlarge the image above that at the top of the screen in the right is a switch for 'Levels' set to 3. That's the number of ancestor generations. It can be increased, but on my screen it gets rather tiny with anything higher than the default '3'. (So, yeah, a 17 inch screen might be nice. But 3 generations is great.) You may also notice the colors and fonts for the interface are easily adjustable from the default view. If you click on the tabs you see at the bottom of the screen, you get different information in the bottom half of the screen.

It is extremely intuitive and easy to navigate.

August 2007 - MaUsE Ontario, Double-Click Newsletter by Guy Lafontaine

Selecting software for storage of research data is very personal. It is not just about the features, but it is how the user interacts with the program that is important. A genealogist's researching style, whether 'visual' or 'text' focussed, is key in determining whether the selected software is a good 'fit'. Keith Wilson and his team at iFamily for Tiger (iF4T), from down under, got it right side up to satisfy these concerns.

I dove in without reading any documentation. Users learn much by this method. Right from the start, I liked the feel of iF4T. Its focus on each individual person, rather than on a family unit, is what makes this software simple to use, intuitive, yet powerful.

The split screen view further enhances the ease of use. The upper window has a descendent / ancestor horizontal hourglass chart with the Focal Person colour highlighted (see Queen left). In the bottom window you can view the immediate family, the extended family, life events, notes, source citations, pictures, ancestors, descendants and individual's stories. You control the depth of information by toggling on or off those you wish included - siblings, cousins, parents, in-laws, etc. For the stories, the interface has a word-processor so there is no need to leave iF4T to record the stories.

July 2007 - MacWorld(US) Reviews - 3.5 mice

iFamily for Tiger 2.2 provides a simple interface to create and edit your family data, includes great search tools, and integrates well with iPhoto.

You should also check out Finding Your Roots with a Mac - New York Times 18 July 2007

July 2007 - Family Tree Magazine - by Allison Stacy

Designed to take advantage of “the latest Apple Mac technology,” this new program lets you view and sort your family tree data according to your needs. It’s easy to get started with iFamily: Creating a new family tree is done with two clicks, and adding spouses, parents and children is a snap. Loading a GEDCOM takes only a minute or two. Overall, iFamily’s slick interface and ease of use make it a great new choice for Mac users.

January 2007 - The Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, MS by Nancianne Parkes Suber Mac's iFamily software remarkable

There's a new bloom on the old Apple tree that promises to be the sweetest yet for researchers. Mac users have long envied the excellent genealogy programs for PCs and have more or less been resigned to using the far more basic offerings such as Reunion or Mac Family Tree. Now, iFamily for Tiger is a genealogy program for Mac users that is not only easy to operate but offers an innovative approach to mapping the family tree. Designed to focus more on individuals than family groups, this software makes it easy to graph relationships of people with more than two parents or more than one spouse. Parent/child relationships may also be shown as natural, step, adopted or foster, which often has been awkward with other software programs.

As you would expect of a Mac program, image handling is superb with nearly 50 formats and its own photo cropping/editing function. Navigation within iFamily for Tiger is simple and fast and the powerful search field searches by name, ID, title, birth place or date, cause of death, notes, comments or more. Reviews of its Gedcom import and export features have been glowing. iFamily for Tiger (Tiger is Mac OSX 10.4) is for those using the latest Mac hardware. It will not run on pre-Tiger units. It is best used on systems with larger displays and a mouse with more than one button. Version 1.215 was released on Jan. 7, but Version 1.220 is already in the works. The early reviews for the system have been impressive.

December 2006 - Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter - impressed

Keep an eye on this program. It's a good one right now but I bet it will become even more popular in the future. I suspect future versions will add more reports, more database fields and more features as they are requested by users.

November 2006 - MacUpdate Reviews - 5 stars

Testimonials for V2.4

I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for iFamily. I use mine all the time, and I really, really appreciate the focus on the individual and all of the features. It's the best application I bought for my Mac!


I have iPod (magic) and parallels (necessary for a major work application) but having experienced other PC genealogy programmes, after using iFamily, I am committed- I just revel in what your iFamily has and does... it is one of the reasons I made the expensive switch from PC to iMac

While checking program updates at Version Tracker I noticed your program 'iFamily for Leopard' and noted that it was another genealogical program and even though I already own a couple of others I thought I would check it out. Am I glad I did. It is simply superb and I purchased it a couple of hours after testing it on my computer. My purpose in writing is actually to record my sincere appreciation for such a wonderful program and also for making it available at a most reasonable price. While the documentation is a little light - amplification is hardly necessary as iFamily is so intuitive. You have done an extremely great job and I am enjoying it very much. It is so colourful and attractive and it is now the program of choice for my family tree.

This is truly fantastic. Thank you for this incredible technical support -- in *advance* of my purchasing! Spending just 15 minutes going through the application one can see what a superb job you've done with it. It's more elegantly designed than everything else I tested, including Reunion (which was billed as "the Standard" and costs 3x what your application does!). got me interested in genealogy, but I suspect that iFamily is what's going to help keep me interested. Have a great day!

I'm very much a novice at genealogy and have never used any other program. But, by golly, your program does everything I've found I desired so far.

iFamily for Tiger, Leopard, or Snow Leopard, this cat just purrs! Read more at Feline Felicity


Testimonials for V2.3

I absolutely love using ifamily. It is a brilliant program.


Thanks Keith, I appreciate the service. Your software is really fantastic. Even a novice like me can figure it out.

Thank you Keith. The quality of your programme is only equalled by your attitude to its users.

Just switched from Windows to MAC and looking forward to using your software, I have a large family file over 75,000 names and the program did an excellent job transferring the information via gedcom.

A very impressive program.

I have used MFT for years and felt very comfortable, and after buying iFamily I played with it on and off for a while, but was reluctant to change from my comfort zone. But recently I have gone full bore with iFamily and I am delighted at how intuitive it is and how beautiful the charts are. The set-up for pictures leaves anything else for dead and I have imported dozens so far. It works perfectly well on my five year old ibook G4, but I plan to upgrade to a Macbook soon and to get a 24" screen as well. I can't wait to see the information on the big screen.

Keep up the good work,
Your interactive iFamily web page diagrams work a treat - and on my iPod Touch too - an ideal way to show people the family tree (saves lugging my iMac around).

Sorry to hear you don't have iPhones or iPod Touches down under yet - I think my Touch is great - all my music, bunch of films, hundreds of photos, calender (with all family birthdays synced to iFamily), stocks & shares not to mention the web browser and email etc - you must get one when they become available.

Well done.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with your iFamily genealogical program that I purchased several weeks ago. It has many more features than I could ever have expected. My data from my old GENE program transferred beautifully. Your program has renewed my interest in our family history and provides me with so many different functions that allow me to add information I hadn't even thought about before. I know there are more expensive programs available, both for MACs and PCs, but I can't imagine how they could be better. One of the great features is that it works so seamlessly in the MAC environment and integrates so well with other MAC programs. iFamily is an exception value at a very modest price. I am so glad that I found. Thank you for your fine work.

Thank you very much for your help. Support like this surely speaks loud and clear as to the value of this product and its developer. I recommended the program before because of its ease and user friendly approach.

Now I have MUCH more to commend it for.

I'm spreading the word at my local Apple Store! You are a magical creator! Thank you!

Wow. As ever your support is amazing.

This is by far the best Mac genealogy software ...

We're all installed and ready to go. Kenny is sitting here plunking away smiling. He really likes it and he is just breezing through the data entry. He tells me it's 500% easier than Reunion. Thanks so so much.

Congratulations on the Google map feature. I have played around with these maps a fair bit in tracking GPS data from my motorcycle trips etc and do enjoy them.

FANTASTIC! This Google Map interface is great. I have lots of ideas of how this can be exploited.

iFamily is addictive - it should come with a disclaimer from the surgeon general!!

I have been using MFT for a couple of years with a few minor problems - however they have recently upgraded and there is now a host of problems, and it does not even provide all the functionality previously available - so I started looking for an alternative and reviewed all the available Mac software I could find. I must say that I am delighted with iFamily and I have been very happy to stump up the 16 quid for a full copy. In fact, I must say that 16 quid appears very cheap to me for software of this robustness and complexity. The software also appears to work the way I think about family trees, (most family tree software is just plain confusing to use), uploads my gedcom file with no problem and has already highlighted a few problems with my database using your "data inconsistency report" that I was not aware of. I was expecting to be able to spot a bug or two in your software to complain to you about - but I have to admit defeat on that one so far - so I have paid for it quickly before you realise its true value and up the price.

Congratulations on a very robust, user friendly and bug free piece of software, please keep up the good work.

I downloaded iFamily this evening and was immediately creating my family database. Everything works like a damn. It makes something that is actually quite complicated VERY SIMPLE. I've tried to use some of the online geneology systems. They are cumbersome. But with iFamily, I can fly! It is really good!!

Thank you so much. What an amazing product!

I've been using Reunion for many years and I've been very satisfied. But now I'm so happy that I've found a product that is even more intuitive and functional. I had no problem switching over my GEDCOM file and all my support materials. My conversion was completely effortless.

I like Reunion 9, It's a great product, but iFamily for Tiger (and now Leopard) is just better. I'm now a convert.

Thank you for all of your hard work!

I recently converted from a PC to a MAC, and from Family Tree Maker to iFamily for Tiger. I can't believe how much better iFamily for Tiger is.

I believe EVERYONE should switch to a Mac just to get this software. I tried one advertised on the Mac website this summer and I had a nightmare of a time trying to use it. I like to stretch my imagination to figure things out without looking at instructions first (that's a LAST resort for me) and iFFT lets me. VERY COOL.

After owning iFFT for 6 months, I decided to just play with it. The EVENTS pull down menu includes "On this day" and I had fun looking up who had events on Christmas, my birthday, who shared birthday's with who and so forth. In REPORTS, I selected "Statistics" and at the bottom of that window, clicked on "Show lifespan info". How awesome was that! My grandfather used to say, "We Ewers' have long livers." as a joke but I found that, although he was 69 when he passed, he was right - we really don't have long livers but we live long--into our 80s. Once genealogy information is entered, iFFT gives a wealth of information. And, it's nice the program automatically figures out at what age an ancestor died - no math for me! I have NEVER endorsed anything with such enthusiasm and I have no connection to iFFT creators - I live on another continent. This is THE program to use.

My PC using sister is jealous of how pretty iFamily is, and how clear the family relationships are! Thanks for a program that makes genealogy fun.


Testimonials for V2.2

I have been my family genealogist for nearly 10 years. Over that time I have experimented with every genealogy application to come out for the Mac platform, even some command line apps ported from Unix, and have been sorely disappointed.

Then I found your product quite by accident. I had become very cynical about genealogy applications for the Mac until I downloaded and tested your iFamily for Tiger program yesterday. I have to say... I'm seriously blown away.

My gedcom database has over 30,000 names with many hundreds of images, census records, sources, notes, etc. Your program has so far handled them without incident, importing the whole database in under 15 minutes, and keeping all notes intact. I have had to reimport the images, but the drag and drop functionality has made all the difference. No other genealogy app has allowed me to manage images with such ease. iFamily is fast, clean, intuitive, and really nice to look at too.

I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks. I purchased the product after working with it for an hour. I wish you luck in your continued efforts to develop the program for Leopard. I'm already anxiously wondering what spiffy new features there might be to play with. BUT... it's about ease of use rather than fancy bells and whistles... and on that... you guys win the prize!


Just wanted to say thanks for a great piece of software. I tried out a lot of different apps for keeping track of the family tree, and yours was by far the best I saw. Looking forward to getting to know it better.

I especially like this program because, as an adopted child, I am able to trace both family lines in one program. I also like the layout and the ease of data entry.

Keith, this is the perfect genealogy program ever created. Your program has everything a researcher could want. It's intuitive and as the researcher becomes more savvy in organization, planning and source management, your program meets all needs. Thank you! You should probably charge more for such a sophisticated program.

What an outstanding product you have created! I have been playing around with Reunion and was not impressed. I have been trying the demo versions of all of the other mac genealogy programs, and yours was the only one that had the "aha!" reaction from the very first time I opened it. That doesn't just happen--it took a lot of hard work from you. Thanks for making this program. What finally sold me on your product was when I pored through the forum entries on your web site. You respond to customer's questions, problems, and observations quite quickly, and with detailed, honest answers (and not some glib, standard "we are working on it" replies). This is a good thing because it tells me that you care about your product a great deal. It also says you're a person who wants to be helpful--another very good thing.

and 20 minutes later

You may certainly quote me on your testimonial page. As to needing assistance with importing an existing GEDCOM file, thanks, but mine is relatively small (111 individuals) with lots of crib notes and little organization. This is why your program really gets me enthused--it's letting me easily associate scanned documents, photos, etc with the right person and the right event. Heh...listen to me, I'm writing another testimonial. :-)

One of the things I wanted to do was to print some clear family trees for my relations, which iFamily does very well. Some other packages' trees are hard to follow for the uninitiated.

This is definitely the best Family Tree anywhere !!

I have had a chance to play around with the demo. I am impressed. You have no competition. iFamily is genealogy the way it should be on a Mac.

Hey there! AWESOME program. If you need an endorsement, let me know. Really great software. I can't tell you how easy it is and some corrections I make are carried through the rest of my entries. What a relief not to have to go back through files to make corrections.

I've just recently bought a MacBook and am trying to find the apps I need to completely change over from Windows. I'm looking to replace The Master Genealogist for Windows and I think of those I've tried for the Mac iFamily for Tiger is the best and comes the closest. There are some problem areas (for me) but I will use my trial period to see if I can work around some of them. I think you have developed a very nice genealogy application and hope it is a success for you.

I absolutely LOVE this program! I'm very new to genealogy, and the only set-up I've ever used is what Ancestry.Com provides for creating a family tree. All my relatives use PC's so I had to check out Mac programs on my own. As soon as I tried the demo for Tiger it felt SO familiar, so comfortable, I was easily able to find my way around, and I even used the .ged file created by Ancestry to check out my own tree. And it was so easy to add my pictures back in!!!

I'd like to let you know that I really appreciate your work on improving iFamily. I was happy to find your program back in April and have become happier still with each update, you're doing a great job. I used Legacy in the dark years of my Windows/PC use. The iFamily/Mac combination is just magic. Thank you!

I bought iFamily for Tiger (what are you going to call it when we're all running Leopard? Or TabbyCat ?) while suffering from an excess of sheer, unadulterated joy at the freedom of movement and transparency which characterises iFamily. I bought it less than 24 hrs after downloading the demo, because it was so well designed and thought out for immediate and intuitive useability without the requirement of being an expert genealogist. You got it right, which is more than I can say for the developers of the other programmes which I sampled.

I've been doing my family genealogy for about 15 years now and iFamily for Tiger is by far the best software I've ever used, especially for a researcher.KUDOS!

Can I just heap a bit of praise on you - I'm very much an amateur genealogist, but this is by far the easiest, most intuitive program I've come across.

I've been using MacFamily tree but I love the Ancestors/Descendants diagram which would be worth the money in itself!

Must say I'm impressed with the speed of your software updates.

You've got every reason to be proud of iFamily for Tiger. I own Reunion 8 as well as MacFamily Tree, but it was only a short time after I started testing your application that I purchased it online from you. I use it exclusively now. A truly wonderful app! Thanks for such a useful application.

The more I work with iFamily, the more I'm growing to like it immensely, and I don't make changes easily. I've used FTM ever since it first came out, which is a very long time, and I've not seen any windows genealogy software that I thought held a candle to it. I am not impressed with Reunon--Heredis does impress me, but even the English version is written by Europeans for European research, so the differences are frustrating for an American researcher wanting to move a large file. Someone starting from scratch with Heredis might not feel the same way, but a novice at both genealogy and computers might easily get frustrated. The big test I need to run iFamily through is to see how a gedcom uploads to WorldConnect. I have found that gedcoms from Heredis upload to WorldConnect quite differently from gedcoms from FTM, I believe due in large part to the difference between the design for European research as opposed to questions (& fields) American researchers want answered. I'll let you know how it turns out.

So far I am finding my way around iFamily with no need for a manual - which is a sure sign of a well-designed product!

Thank you for responding so quickly and solving the problem. It certainly is nice to feel like a valued customer sometimes!

The Ancestors and Descendants views are something you need to brag about in your PR. They have more functionality immediately available than any program I have used.


Testimonials for V2.1

The most popular genealogy program on Macs has been Reunion. I have had Reunion for years, but never really committed to it. Instead I persisted with Hypercard for 20 years, because of specific features it provided. However I have now made a big switch. I now use "iFamily for Tiger". Changing over meant using a GEDCOM file of over 10,000 individuals, but that went OK. I think iFamily is "light years" ahead of Reunion.


Thanks very much for an outstanding genealogy program. I had been using Mac Family Tree in OS X, and Family Tree Maker in OS 8 and 9 before that, but this is the best.

I have logged hours and hours online with and Scotland's People websites. Your iFamily program has been a fantastic tool for organizing all this information. The visual presentation of trees and information is very, very use friendly and efficient. Did I tell you I love this program :-) !! I'm happy to be a reference!

" A free upgrade to iFamily for Tiger V2.100 is now available for download."


I don't know if you are getting rich, but I sure hope you are. Even though I am still investigating its amazing range of capabilities, it has exceeded all expectations as experienced on any Windows based genealogy programme I have used to date. Your programme is so logical and intuitive and so quick to enter. And as for importing, I have successfully brought across 4 separate (and large) files from my PC and to have achieved that without error is no mean feat when I compare to past GEDCOM experiences whilst within the Windows environment.

...something good has come out of Oz... ;-)

Gail (from NZ)
Every success with 2.100 - iFamily compares favourably with the best of mac genealogy apps and exceeds them, in some respects. I have found the relational database a convenient window on linked data that can be lost in a maze of open windows when using other apps.

I have played around with this version and I have nothing to say except " you should see the smile on my face", this is an unreal program. I have used all the new features, reimported a new gedcom from TNG export of entire website again, changed and amended sources, filled in the source numbers that once were deleted. I have put in all types of new photos, jpg, tiff, word documents, pdfs, gif files, bmp files, all went without a hitch. Added and deleted things then exported and put into a different TNG family file (after saving my original). I wrote over it, checked it then replaced it with my backed up version of TNG. No problems from my end.

This is not only great. This is fantastic!! Thanx very much. And the index is much better than the ones in Macfamily, Gene and Reunion.

People index is fantastic. That is a great help as sometimes with a lot of people you are looking for a person but can't quite remember the name. Yours is heaps better than reunion as your feature showing parents and children is very clever.

I am very pleased with your product. Thank you for the update.

Just downloaded the software and already see how much I'm going to enjoy it! Thanks for the great product and reasonable price!

and 25 minutes later

I've imported two gedcom data bases already and started adding some information that's been on hand for awhile. The program is so easy to use, it's really a pleasure.

In my limited use of ifamily, I have much appreciated how powerful and easy to use it is. Five stars!!


Previous Testimonials (prior to V2.1)

Oh God, now I have to go out and buy a Mac !!


I have been using Reunion for Mac now for 3 years, as it was the best available till now for use with macs. I exported some of my family history from Reunion and also downloaded a gedcom from my website with photos and put it into iFamily and got a rush (all pics came from my website to iFamily). At last a program that gives me more options, more photos, has correct gedcom tags. This program will give me exact gedcom exports to update to my genealogical website. Reunion got me going and iFamily will take me forward.


Agree totally, the programme is still developing and already has me hooked. Have had great support from Keith and looking forward to V 1.10. Previously used an older Reunion programme on PC and iFamily does it hands down.


Keith--most gracious and generous man--has worked with me for several weeks as I learned to use the successive versions of his program. He is responsive to suggestions, and is truly looking for improvements to add. (He offered to make it raise my ancestors from the dead, but I thought it best to decline!)


I am a switcher from PC to Mac. IMHO, none of the usual Mac genealogy programs measure up to what's available for PCs and I was reconciling myself to using a web based solution like phpGedview - which I do use for my website but it is a bit clunky as a desktop solution (still better than most Mac genealogy software though!)

Then I came across iFamily for Tiger and found what I believe is a dream piece of software in the making. It is already pretty powerful with a great GUI and Keith Wilson the author is incredibly quick at responding to suggestions and making improvements. iFamily (to this Mac newbie) seems to me to respect the Mac tradition and offer a terrific degree of power and usability in an elegant and stream-lined way.

At the present rate it won't be long before iFamily is head and shoulders above most genealogy software - PC or Mac.


Loaded up the program, downloaded a gedcom from my website plus 348 photos 280 headstones.

Created a new family file and imported the gedcom, went with the photos thing of dragging a folder of the photos to the photo frame and it bloody connected them all correctly.

So I am a bit excited. Me ids are the same.

Tonight after work I will get stuck into all of it and give you an update from my end tomorrow.

So far it's bloody unreal


I am excited about it. I was previously using Mac Family Tree. It may sound silly but as I was looking at the layout and features I kept saying out loud "I love this!" For example, I was looking through all my different locations and found I had 50 different versions of the same location. It was super easy, and might I add gratifying, to go through and consolidate them all down to 1 consistent location. I was then able to see all the individuals in that location! Very cool.


I just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for the work you've done on iFamily. The program is very easy to use and very mac-like. Excellent job.


I have just started to use your program, iFamily for Tiger, and am very impressed.


I have been using Legacy and The Master Genealogist in a PC and I must say that some of the view-ability of your program leaves those two Applications dead in the water! And, of course, it is Mac-based, praise be.


None of the above testimonials was solicited. They have been removed from their original context and some may have been edited to correct minor typographical errors.

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